dissabte, 3 d’abril de 2010

The families of the Saharawi political prisoners in Salé prison/Morocco draw attention to dangerous situation of their relatives


Half a month ago our relatives, human rights defenders and political prisoners in Salé/Morocco, embarked upon a hunger strike which was necessary in order to protest the denial of their fundamental rights and to demand either a date be set for their trial or their unconditional release.

Due to two weeks of starvation, they are now entering a dangerous phase which will negatively impact their already poor health and which is a reason for serious concern. They are showing symptoms of asthma, allergy, loss of consciousness, cardiac pain, intestinal pain, tension, fatigue, stomach ache, head ache, immobility, moreover they are suffering diseases caused by previous imprisonments and hunger strikes.

Today, we would like to inform the international community and the international public opinion about the fragile and constantly deteriorating health situation of our relatives, and we’d like to raise concern about the threats faced by our loved ones, the prisoners of conscience who are on hunger strike to demand basic rights that the Moroccan authorities do not consider to be important.

Through this urgent appeal we call upon all the international human rights organisation, the international community, and the democratic forces around the world to urgently intervene in the case of our relative and to raise pressure on Morocco to meet their demands.
The families of the Saharawi political prisoners who are on hunger strike in Salé prison/Morocco.
Khalifa Rgaibi, Ali's Salem Tamek wife
Mahfoud Dahane, Brahim's Dahane brother
Alakha Baibas, Hammadi's Nasiri wife
Ahmed Sghir, Rashis Sghir brother
Aziza Tarouzi, Yahdih's Tarouzi sister

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