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Moroccan authorities attack members of coordinating committee of exodus camp in occupied El Aaiun

El Aaiun (occupied territories), October 23, 2010 (SPS) – The Moroccan repressive authorities violently attacked Friday members of the coordinating committee of the Saharawi exodus camp in the occupied El Aaiun, according to a source of the Ministry of the Occupied Territories and Communities Abroad.
The Moroccan authorities brutally attacked members of the coordinating committee leaving the injury of the three Saharawi citizens Buhali Abdalla, Zaui Housein and Addaich Oueld Sidi Oueld Daf, after they distributed the food supplies and medicine to the Saharawi immigrants in the exodus camp, east of El Aaiun.
It also arrested the two Saharawi citizens and members of the committee Sid Ahmed Tleimidi and Ahmed Bahia as well as abduction of Fadel Akmech on the same ground.
This wave of mass exodus of the Sahrawi citizens from the city of El Aaiun towards the suburbs continuous in protest against the bad social and economic conditions as well as illegal Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.
The Moroccan army tightened the blockade on the camp of the Sahrawi exodus, east of the occupied city of El Aaiun, since October 10 and encircled entrances to the camp, where it prevented the entry of water, food supplies and medicine.

Source: SPS

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