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Seven men arrested on 28 June in the Moroccan city of Fes are in urgent need of medical treatment. All seven are reported to have been tortured, and at least five of them are alleged to have been raped. They have received no treatment for their injuries. Two of them have chronic health problems for which they need medication and treatment, but this too has been denied them. All seven may face charges on the basis of statements they say they were forced to sign under torture.

Mohamed Sleimani, Abdalla Balla, Bouali M’naouar, Hicham el-Hawari, Izaddine Sleimani, Hicham Sabbahand Tarek Mahla, are currently detained in Ain el-Qadous Prison in Fes. All members of Al-Adl wal-Ihsan, a legally authorized Islamist group, they are alleged to have abducted and tortured a former member of the group and were referred to an investigative judge on 1 July on charges of “belonging to an unauthorized association”, “forming a criminal gang”, “abduction and detention of an individual” and “torture”.

The seven were arrested on 28 June in Fes by the National Brigade of Judicial Police (Brigade Nationale de la Police Judiciare, BNPJ). They were taken to the BNPJ's detention centre in Casablanca and held in separate cells for 72 hours during which they say they were kept naked, handcuffed and blindfolded, denied food and given very little water. All seven allege that they were tortured including, in at least five cases, by rape with pens and other objects being forced into their anuses. They allege that they were forced to sign statements which they were not allowed to read, under threat that they would be thrown from a window if they refused to do so. The detainees were seen by their families for the first time after their arrest on 5 July, when their relatives noted that they showed signs of torture and other ill-treatment. According to their relatives, the detainees were experiencing difficulties with their sight and hearing and had bruises and other visible marks apparently caused by torture. Those who are alleged to have been raped were bleeding as a result. The detainees were examined by a doctor for the first time only on 12 July; and were apparently not provided with treatment for their injuries. This medical examination, the results of which have yet to be disclosed by the Moroccan authorities, had been ordered by the judge investigating their case after they complained that they had been tortured when they appeared before him on 1 July. In addition, Mohamed Sleimani has a serious heart condition, and Abdalla Balla has diabetes. Both men need daily medication and access to regular medical check-ups. They have not received either of these in detention.

PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in Arabic, French or your own language:

  • Calling on the Director of Prison Administration and Rehabilitation to ensure that the seven detainees have access to all necessary medication and regular medical check-ups;

  • Urging the Minister of Justice to ensure that a full, independent and impartial investigation into the allegations of torture is conducted and that any officials responsible for abuse are brought to justice;

  • Urging the Minister of Justice to ensure that no statements extracted under torture or duress are used as evidence in legal proceedings against the seven men, and to guarantee them a fair trial.


Minister of Justice

Mohamed Naciri

Place Mamounia

Rabat, Morocco

Fax: +212 537 734 725/ 537 730 772

Salutation: Your Excellency

Director of Prison Administration and Rehabilitation

Angle Avenue Ibn Sinaa et Rue Oued ElMakhazine

Immeubles nos 1 et 2, Agdal

BP 123 Rabat, Morocco

Fax: +212 537 674 785

Salutation: Dear Sir

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives of Morocco accredited to your country. Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date.

Source: Amnistia Internacional

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